Scientific practical centre of hygiene
republican unitary enterprise


8 Akademicheskaya St, Minsk, Belarus, tel. (017) 284 13 70, fax (017) 284 03 45
Goals and object of activity
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fundamental, applied and exploratory research in the field of hygiene, toxicology, preventive medicine and human ecology;

scientific validation of government measures on the health maintenance and promotion; preventive care of and occupational morbidity in the Republic; environmental, occupational, natural and living sanitation; arrangement of conditions ensuring hygienic health and safety;

scientific-methodological and advisory center within the system of sanitary and epidemiological service of the Republic ensuring the efficient activity in the area of state sanitary control, development and improvement of sanitary rules and standards;

Государственная гигиеническая регистрация и регламентация sanitary and hygienic research with the purpose of state hygienic regulation and registration of products.

 Научно-методический испытательный отдел РНПЦ гигиены

Certification of food, perfumes and cosmetics

evaluation and examination of working environmental factors, indicators of workflow severity and intensiveness for the assessment of work places in connection with working conditions (tel. 284-14-60, 292-80-56).

...not only the doctor has to make use of everything necessary in his/her work but the patient and the people around including all the external circumstances shall inspire him/her in their work.


The field of hygiene and sanitary is incomprehensible like everything that surrounds a man.

Professor M.M. Ekzempliarskiy

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